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2012-10-27 11:47:18 by zekeeriks

Voice acting goes well and I started this cool new band. Listen:

If you like it, like my band! 88292?ref=ts&fref=ts


Back from Hell

2011-11-25 10:04:31 by zekeeriks

So things have been crazy for awhile. Examples: Moving around, Work, Radio job, and what not. But fear not(for anyone who cares), I'm returning to voice acting this week. So if you got some animations needing some voices. Let me know

Voice in new flash

2011-05-13 10:39:38 by zekeeriks

Elman-Rox just finished this crazy new animation and it has my voice in it.


League of Legends Flash

2011-04-11 18:09:01 by zekeeriks

So you should watch this awesome flash made by PinkSkull

I do two voices in it

So i did my first newgrounds debut with Koolguykai. Sorry if my character came out fuzzy but you know i had to do a robot voice and all so things get lost in the mix.

Anyway, I have one flash with mark-er coming up in April. Pinkskull coming up soon and Elfman-rox as well.

But the big news: I got casted as kyle and ken from Scott Pilgrim Fandub. I can't wait to start working on it.

Look forward to a new voice demo soon. I'm gonna enjoy the weekend

Oh and if you want me in some flashes, hit me up. I want more work!!!!

Life with P-bot

2011-03-11 20:08:26 by zekeeriks

Koolguykai just made this hilarious flash. I urge you to watch this. I voice P-bot! Vote 5

I'm so excited. I got all my voices in for this new flash I am in with Mark-er. I'm so excited!!

Updated projects

2011-02-08 11:31:25 by zekeeriks

Well looks like i got my first few roles. The one i like the most so far is this one: 0W2Q

2 roles!! I'm very excited about this.

Anyway, I'm gonna work on some music today. I may post them up here as well. Peace out ya'll. Listen to the voice demo reel i made and GET ME MORE WORK.

Take care ya'll

Hey newgrounds,
I'm glad to finally be part of the family after stalking on here for years. I have a 2-part demo reel of my voice in various characters. Hopefully you guys like it. Any feedback would be awesome. Thanks in advance

-Phil idzA